We are thrilled to announce that from now on, using Adeagle, you can advertise your products on thematic websites. This gives our users a chance to access ad placements not only in other stores, but also all around the Internet!

At Adeagle, we are commited to the mission of bringing high–quality traffic to our users. Ads inside of other online stores can bring customers already in a shopping mode: high more likely to convert. With addition of advertising inside of niche thematic websites, we will also be able to bring customers in a “researching” phase.

It’s easy to understand that for example a mother of a newborn baby will do a lot of research before commiting to a particular product. She will browse tons of blogs, forums, help groups, expert websites and so on. Thus, if our user is an owner of baby products store, then we give him a chance to advertise inside of all kind of websites dedicated to this very topic. Access to all the blogs and forums that said mother will visit!

We hope that after this brief explanation, you can now feel the power of this integration. We are very excited to see what you will be able to achieve with it! It is now ready to be used with Premium and Ultimate plans.