We’ve given our Ads section a complete makeover! Now, in the menu, you’ll discover two distinct sections: Ads and Product Feeds.

The latter harks back to the old Ads section, where you have the power to choose which products appear in your ads and their priority. Additionally, you can fine-tune specific fields associated with a particular product, such as the title, price, or image, directly influencing how they appear in the ad.

However, the real game-changer lies in our revamped Ads section. Here’s the exciting part – you can now preview, assess and prioritize each individual banner emitted by our system on your behalf! This level of control is a significant upgrade, especially with Black Friday just around the corner. Imagine being able to boost the banners that garner the most clicks, enhancing the efficiency of your campaign. Moreover, if a particular banner isn’t delivering, you have the flexibility to pause it.

We believe this new feature will unlock a plethora of opportunities for you to market your products during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend. Take charge of your ads like never before!

You can check out how it looks like in practice in the video below: