Welcome to the Ads section – a part of Adeagle that lets you review and optimize particular banners used in your campaigns. It’s a powerful tool for fine-tuning your advertising strategy. Here, you’ll gain insights into your ad performance and take strategic actions to enhance your campaigns.

Navigating the Ads Section

To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Campaign Selection:
    • Use the dropdown on the left-hand side to choose the campaign you want to focus on.
    • This allows you to drill down into specific campaign details.
  2. Time Range Selection:
    • On the right-hand side, select your desired time range for metrics.
    • This helps you analyze performance over specific periods.

Understanding the Ad Summary Table

Below, you’ll find a table summarizing your ads within the selected campaigns. Let’s break down the columns:

  1. Actions:
    • Preview: View your ad exactly as it appears across the internet.
    • Start/Pause: Activate or pause the ad at any time.
    • Edit: Open a new window to manage ad activation and priority.
      • Priority: Higher priority means more impressions for this ad within the campaign.
  2. Ad Details:
    • Size: The format of the ad.
    • Creative: The type of creative used in this ad.
    • Status: Indicates whether the creative is active or paused.
    • Priority Levels: Choose from five priorities: lowest, low, normal, high, and highest.
      • Adjusting priority affects impressions distribution among ads in the campaign.
  3. Performance Metrics:
    • Impressions (Imps): The number of times your ad was displayed.
    • Clicks: How often users clicked on your ad.
    • Click-Through Rate (CTR): The percentage of clicks relative to impressions.

Optimizing Your Ads

Use this section strategically:

  • High CTR Ads:
    • Boost ads with high CTR by selecting a higher priority.
    • More impressions lead to more clicks and increased traffic to your store.
  • Low CTR Ads:
    • Consider lowering the priority or pausing ads with low CTR.
    • This ensures more impressions are available for other ads.

Previewing Ads: A Valuable Practice

Take advantage of ad previews:

  • Rate how the ad looks in practice.
  • Consider adjustments, such as different images or title changes.

Remember, informed decisions drive successful campaigns. Explore, experiment, and optimize—your success awaits!